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Flower Embellishments, set of 8


Item collection b598bddb 6fb1 4eff b495 3dc9afdb8df5

Blue Flowers, set of 10


Item collection 17f1ade4 1fdf 43fc 822c 25ded4361bc7

Black Flowers, set of 10


Item collection 90105341 6996 4af3 a12b fa7bdc14936e

Lavender Rose cabochon, set of 4


Item collection 3e660f07 6690 4c82 be34 93e76d751b90

Victorian Lady dusty pink Cameos, set of 3


Item collection 2946dea2 3509 40e8 ad81 d10dbaa83c63

Rose Cameo, set of 3


Item collection 82f840bc 22ba 4dcb bfcc 1981e5793b41

Lady cameo, set of 5


Item collection 0f271128 7b95 4dff 99eb 8eb398f77c95

Victorian Lady cameo, set of 3


Item collection ea06c88a b11b 48aa b220 9fa3d48da2fd

Butterfly Cameo, set of 2


Item collection 2501482 original

Bright Flower Resin Flatbacks


CHAYESTAMP KREATIONS, Shabby Chic & Vintage style Paper crafting supplies

Welcome to Chayestamp Kreations. Offering scrapbooking & unique crafting supplies that are not readily available in local stores.
I own a scrapbook boutique at the Skyway Antique Mall located in downtown Paradise California so if you're in the area, come on by! =)
Please bookmark my page so you can find me again.
Happy Crafting =)